One of my favorite movements, and the movement I start off my Qigong practice with 95% of the [...]
There is a time and place for goal setting. And it works great in certain practices. But it is [...]
Something magical happens when we purposefully slow down our movements. Our breathing slows [...]
Natural Breathing is our primary method of breathing while practicing Qigong. You should relax [...]
Sometimes it is better to practice Qigong sitting. If you have back of leg problems, issues [...]
Ending a session is very important. You want to always bring your energy back to center and [...]
When you sync up or "harmonize" your movements with your breathing, the Qigong magic happens. [...]
Posture is so important and should not be overlooked. Each time you practice, you must pay [...]
Many people have a hard time getting started practicing Qigong. Maybe your too tired, or mind [...]
If you've ever had a REALLY great Qigong session, the one thing you'll notice is that your mind [...]
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