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How it Works

Our Online Qigong Classes are a unique system designed to help you learn Qigong at your own pace, helping you to stay focused and on track.

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The Challenge in Learning Qigong

After years of teaching, it became obvious that the biggest road block to learning Qigong was staying on track. Students would come to class weekly, promise to practice on their own, but get caught up in life and lose track. They enjoyed the weekly classes, but couldn't find the time on their own to practice.

How Qigong is Best Learned

Qigong is best learned in small, easy to understand practice sessions and lessons. While an hour of Qigong practice feels good, most everyone forgets everything they did during that one hour session.

Why our Online System is Superior

Our online system gives you short, easy to follow lessons that can be practiced immediately. When you have five minutes in your day to watch a video and do a little practice, you'll commit that small lesson to memory. Repeating it a few times that day or consecutive days will result in an increased memory of that teaching.

But there's no limit to how much you can learn in one session. Watch and practice to multiple chapters. Practice for a half hour. Practice for an hour. It's up to you.

The teaching is broken into segments to allow you to fit practice into your day, every day. Without daily practice, the secrets are elusive. With daily practice, the secrets are obvious.

How to Maximize Your Learning

It's better to know one movement well than hundred movements not well. Focus on each movement like it's the only one. In the old times, students would practice one movement for years.

Do not feel like you need to get through all the chapters in a course as quickly as possible. Take your time. Watch the same chapter every day for a week. Or two weeks. Really commit each chapter to memory, and practice it sincerely.

We Welcome Your Feedback

How's the system working out for you? Are there ways it could be better? Our goal is to allow to you learn Qigong in a way that is suitable for you and your lifestyle. Most of all, we want to give you the tools to learn, and let you learn at your own pace.

Please email or call us with any questions or suggestions, our ears are always open.