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Learn the Art of Qigong Online - At Your Own Pace

Qigong is an ancient practice for health, healing and well being.

Finding a local teacher and class is not always easy, so we've created an online learning center where you can begin learning Qigong today!

Qigong practice can help you sleep better, reduce stress, increase your energy, facilitate weight loss, all along dramatically improving your overall health and functioning of your body.

Why Online Training?

Our Classes

Train now with our unique online training system!

Qigong has thousands of benefits, including improving sleep, reducing stress and increased energy. It's easy to get started!

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Benefits of Online Training

Train when you want, at your own pace.

It's often hard to find local classes that fit into our schedule. Online Qigong means you can train when it fits your schedule.

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30 Days of Qigong

New class helps people accelerate their training!

The secret to Qigong is dedicated daily practice. From there, it all opens up. This new module is coming very soon!

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